Who we are

The Animal Love Foundation has been a non-profit registered organization since 1991, assisting over 10,000 abandoned animals in finding new loving homes.

We are all volunteers, who work hard to help whatever animals we can.

We reach out to animals who are surrendered by their current families, homeless, abused and/or neglected in London and surrounding areas.

While in the care of Animal Love, the animals receive food, medical care, safety and a loving foster home until a "forever home" is found.

We do not have a shelter, so all of our cats and dogs are housed in wonderful foster homes until they are adopted.

Gabriel's Story

Gabriel is a Standardbred who during his training as a young colt, sustained a serious injury to his left stifle.  This caused him to be forcibly retired from harness racing. His owners decided to place him with Animal Love Foundation in March of 2001.

With the help and advice of a veterinarian, we were able to meet his needs to the best of our ability.  He was put on a maintenance NSAID, as well as Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and Hyoloronic Acid.  He also benefits from Acupuncture treatments approximately every 2-3 months, and chiropractic adjustments every 3-4 months.  Although he experiences mild to moderate pain frequently, he is very stoic and able to withstand it.

He currently lives with a friendly goat named 'Casey'.  Although it is heart wrenching that he suffered such a painful life-long injury at such a tender age, we are thankful that they cared enough about him to place him in our care.  He is happy, and we are lucky to have been able to help such a magnificent animal.